60th Charter
60th Charter

We celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the founding of Hebden Bridge and District Round Table on:

Friday 30th September 2011

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Royal Wedding!

Chairman's attempt at avoiding his speech fails!

Chairman carted away by the ambulance
Chairman of HBRT Neil Smith, 43 attempted to weedle out of his speech at the 60th Charter Dinner by falling out of a tree earlier that day. Unfortunately, the Chairman neglected to take his video camera with him when he went up the ladder, so we do not have any footage of the incident. We just have the one photo. The only people missing from this snap are the men in white coats that they should have sent instead of paramedics. He could, however, have just been making up the whole story - this would explain why he was turfed out of hospital with a couple of aspirin and had no alternative but to attend the Charter Night and deliver his speech.

Cricket v 41 Club 14th July 2011 Ė Venue: Old Town CC

Neil Smith, Nathan Martin, Dave Chattle, Ross Oaten, Anthony Hoyle, Peter Saunders, John Donoghue, Keith Best, two guests, and a load of old blokes.
The usual trouncing of Round Table at the hands of 41 Club duly took place on a rare sunny evening in July. It was a foregone conclusion once 41 Club members
Keith's 1 run
were trusted to look after the score card while their side was batting. Several twenty ball overs guaranteed that 41 Club would easily surpass the rather modest target of 114 to win. We only really turned up because there was pie and peas on the menu. A decent pie at that. And the beer was wet. All in all a pleasant evening and no injuries, apart from RT pride.
Anthony (? I don't think so!)

Shooting 8th June 2011 Ė Venue: Neilís Lower Field

Neil Smith, Nathan Martin, Dave Chattle, Ross Oaten, Anthony Hoyle, Peter Saunders, John Donoghue, Keith Best.
Well, what can I say?... This was a great night for all involved. The previous night both JD and Neil had spent a couple of hours setting up the targets and sighting the weaponry: many thanks to them for that.
On the event night, everyone was there in good time, it was 19:25 hrs at most. JD and Pete set off down to the range to finish setting setup, while Neil, Anthony and myself spent a good 10 minutes pressurizing the high powered sighted air rifle.
Once everyone had arrived, we decided to go down to the shooting range as a group so there'd be no stragglers getting shot at. A great night so far: everything going according to plan.
Ross said he would drive down to the Range in his Range Rover (perfect vehicle for the job, you might think). I decided to walk as there was no room for me in the RR, no jokes - I know I'm big.
Well, on the incline to the shooting ground, with a car full of people - minus Keith, as he seemed to have a little more presence of mind than most, upon seeing said slope bottled it and disembarked the Super Off Road Vehicle - Ross and passengers proceeded down the 'track'. I use the term 'track' loosely, as was the ground under wheel.
The Super 4x4 Off Road Active Suspension Range Rover became a giant ice skate and slid most of the way down the hill, coming to a stop overhanging a 20 foot stone encrusted bank and still slipping at every attempt to right it.
Much jibing ensued with Keith trying his best (no pun intended) to contain his glee at the situation, after suffering 18months of ribbing about his Snow Jaguar incident.
JD sprang in to action in his Superior Off Road Vehicle, only to discover that, although he had made it all the way to the bottom of the track without major incident, he now couldn't get more than 10 yards back up the track to help recover Ross's gradually sinking motor. The previous 24 hours rain had made the track slicker than a BP spokesman.
After much deliberation and moving a ton of stone, Ross was able to get his RR off the banking and down to the bottom of the track. By this time it was getting close to 21:00 hrs. A phone call to JD's missus and the snow chains were rooted out of his garage along with a couple of tow ropes and a bag of beer (all the essentials).
Once the snow chains were fitted to Ross car and Neilís Inferior (yet still mobile) 4x4 Disco was hooked up to provide a bit of a tow, we were back on track. Within minutes we had Ross back out of the ravine, with JD soon to follow.
Straight back to Neilís house after 2.5 hours for supper, and not a single shot fired!
Still, I'm sure everyone involved in the night will agree what a great evening we had and it just goes to show that the Round Tablers can adapt to any and every situation even when we're up to our axles in it.
Many thanks again to Neil and his good lady for hosting the night and putting on an excellent chilli, that had just the right amount of spice, but perhaps too much rice.
Thanks to all who came along and made it a night to remember.
Nathan Martin

Another spectacular fireworks display at the
Hebden Bridge Round Table Charity Bonfire

Round Table, with excellent help of Rotary and 41 Club, and support from many businesses in the town, managed another successful and profitable Charity Bonfire and Fireworks Display unmatched in the Calder Valley. For a group of just over a dozen active members, it is quite a feat to provide thousands of people on Calder Holmes Park and countless thousands more on the hillsides around the valley with a safe, spectacular and enjoyable Guy Fawkes Night party.

We estimate that around eight thousand people paid to watch the best display we've had for years. Despite the rising cost of security stewards, police and compliance with health & safety regulations, we managed to make a profit to put back into the community via our community service fund - if you know of a worthwhile project that could do with our help, please contact us.

We'd also like to hear from you if you'd like to join us and help put on the event next year.
If you fancy it, please get in touch - you'll also make some new friends and do many interesting and varied activities throughout the rest of the year. Have a look through the other pages on this site to see what else we get up to, apart from putting on a magnificent Bonfire event.

Hebden Bridge Round Table is a group of young men who meet for friendship, fun and to help others in the local community.
Hebden Bridge Round Table draws members from all along the Calder Valley: from Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Luddenden and Luddenden Foot.
Neighbouring Tables are Halifax, Elland and Huddersfied. We welcome membership enquiries from men aged between 18 and 45.
Round Table's sister organisation, Ladies' Circle welcomes membership enquiries from women aged between 18 and 45.
A big thank you to all our
2011 Bonfire Supporters:

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